The Painter Who Gives A New Meaning To Abstract Art

Brian Anderson: Corporate Employee by Day, Innovative Artist by Night

          Brian Anderson, of Raleigh, North Carolina, does not have the typical upbringing of most artists. Anderson did not begin painting until he started college where he majored in business administration and minored in studio art. During his college years, all of his professors had desires for him to major in art, but his father refused to pay for him to have an art degree. Because of this, Anderson had to decide between a business degree or becoming a professional artist. A compromise was met: Anderson still continues to paint alongside his corporate job,  with sites set on his passion.

          Anderson’s main medium was oil paints for about 20 years because it is what he was taught with. However, he decided it took too long to dry for the type of art he wanted to create. For the past 20 years, Brian has made the switch and used acrylics after discovering they were much more fitting for his style of art. 

          Anderson’s art style has always been abstract, but this can take many different interpretations. He describes one of his greatest compliments being someone making the remark, “I know it’s abstract, but what is it?” He enjoys creating art that has no indication of what it is or could be and prefers his art to not “look deliberate”. Brian relies on his use of color and technique to create visually pleasing pieces that leave the viewer in wonderment. This art style takes anywhere from a few months to a year to finish one piece. Anderson and his son work on roughly 40 to 60 paintings at a time and finish around 12 each year. He does not like to rush his work and will even create and deconstruct a painting until he is satisfied with it. Brian says he likes his paintings to “take over the room they are in”, which takes plenty of time to achieve. Color is the most important aspect of art according to Anderson. 

          Outside of his corporate job and creating art, Anderson is also a husband and a father to two children who are both interested in art. Anderson’s art studio is his oasis. He describes it as his “no drama zone”. He loves to invite his kids into the studio to work alongside him in order to get inspiration and suggestions along the way. He has always been a rule breaker in art and loves to stray away from the conventional methods of painting. Anderson enjoys using his fingers, sand paper, sticks, palette knives, and anything else he can find to not use a paintbrush. He also likes to use oil, wax, rubbing alcohol, and even the weather to deconstruct and add texture to his paintings. When asked how Anderson knows a painting is done, he replied, “My wife tells me.”

May 21, 2021