A Man of Many Styles

Douglas Cason, otherwise known as Zepeda and The Reverend Wayne

          Douglas Cason of Greensboro, North Carolina is a featured artist at Bakova Gallery. Originally from Texas, Cason has had an interest in art since the first time he picked up a pencil and could draw. Over the years, his styles have shifted, yet still have remnants of previous works. When he first became interested in art, he would create drawings to hang on the bulletin board for every season and occasion in his 2nd grade class. He now paints battle paintings as well as layered latex taxidermy pieces. 

          Layered Latex Taxidermy pieces can take Cason up to six months to create. Each layer of latex takes 30 to 45 minutes just to apply. On a good day, two to three layers are applied. This particular series, Cason said, is a very zen process that takes a different mindset to create--the process being almost therapeutic due to the time and care it takes. 

          As for the battle paintings, Cason prefers Civil War imagery and battles that are themed around man versus man, tribe versus tribe, and slavery. The purpose of these works is to showcase Man and how we have not learned that, over time, the same problems repeat themselves and history is distorted. 

          Douglas has experience in mural art, but took a 20 year hiatus to focus on other projects and to work on his personal style of art. Cason has created four murals since taking a break from the medium and is currently creating a mural in Eden, North Carolina for Kotis Street Art. One of Cason’s most recent murals, “The Triumph of Venus” took three and a half days and is on display outside of Bakova Gallery in Greenville, South Carolina. 

          Cason gets his inspirations from pop art, French Rococo art, and abstract expressionism, but is always in search of new inspiration to avoid becoming stagnant. Cason states that a big reason as to why he could and did choose to pursue art was because of all the supportive people he surrounded himself with that allowed him to grow freely and gave opportunities to be himself and always reflects this in his art. “Slumps” in his creativity are battled by continuing to create. Cason finds the idea of waiting for inspiration a waste of time and instead chooses to sketch things around him and continue to push through until the right ideas strike him. 

          Aside from art, Douglas also enjoys building and taking things apart, collecting rocks, being a husband and a father, and being a professor of Drawing and Painting. He is currently building himself a studio in Greensboro, North Carolina where he recently moved to find a deeper inspiration in the history and terrain. 

May 20, 2021