Jason Wozniak

4 March - 19 April 2020

I am a self taught artist originally from Western New York, currently residing in Hillsborough, North Carolina.  I use both acrylics and watercolor as medium to convey thoughts and experiences onto canvas in the form of abstract landscapes. 
This particular series of paintings, titled "Stepping Stone,"  is my interpretation of the end of life journey of my grandmother who passed away this past January, from dementia.

In this painted story I tried to translate what I imagined her mind was going through as the disease rapidly advanced.  I also pulled from what family members were experiencing as well as taking an exploration of the inner self, to come up with the palatte and brushstroke.

After her passing,  life changed, as did the paintings. The paintings began to explore the grieving process and its recovery.  By the end, it is a reflection on the brevity of human life and it's mystery, while looking through the lens of the observer.

Thank you,